Different Types of Home Remodeling



Whether you want to improve your own living experience or have a plan to sell your house in a good price, remodeling is a great tool to transform and improve your abode according to your preferred theme and idea. House remodeling can be of various different types. Here we will look into some of those that would be good for increasing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the house.  

Fundamental remodeling plan

 As the name suggests, this type of remodeling takes care of all the basics in the house.  A fundamental remodeling plan focuses more on retaining and maintaining the functionality of the house. Many different tasks can be included in such remodeling plan. We will discuss some of them here:

  • Making sure that floors are chip-free, roofs are not leaking and basement is not stinking with a dampening odor. 

  • Plumbing system of the entire home is in its best working condition, no drains and downspouts are choked, faucets must not be leaking and no mold is developing near the plumbing installations

  • HVAC system and/or furnace is working without any problem 

It can be said that fundamental and basic remodeling is more of a maintenance plan and helps you in retaining the existing value of your house. 

Remodeling to enhance the curb appeal of the house 

Many people view curb appeal just as the prettiness of the house and its vicinity from an outside view. However, it is not just limited to aesthetics. By increasing the curb appeal, you can also increase the functionality of your dwelling. For instance, having a spruced up outdoors can surely serve as an immediate getaway.  

There are few things that you can employ in the remodeling plan to increase the curb appeal of your house: 

  • Trimming and sprucing of the shrubbery around the house and having an inexpensive landscaping 

  • Installation of cornice on the outdoor edges of the roof 

  • Having a new pavement constructed on the entrance

A fresh coat of paint or polishing to the front door and lighting fixture illuminating the surrounding of the house will also add to its curb appeal.  A well-maintained curb appeal leaves a good first impression of your property on visitors. 

Remodeling for value addition 

This type of remodeling needs a good sum of money and involves extensive works. From transforming the look of kitchen and bathrooms by installing new accessories and fixtures to have a comprehensive overhaul of the interior, remodeling done for value addition can be expanded as much as you want to or afford to. Value-addition remodeling plan are usually adopted when one is contemplating to resale the house in near future.  

Thematic remodeling 

Home remodeling is also done in accordance with the theme of your liking. For instance transforming your house according to Amish aesthetics or want to have minimalistic motifs can also be the agenda of your house remodeling plan.

A good tip to keep in mind regarding home remodeling is to concentrate it around the functionality, without spreading it too much.