Trending Cabinet Styles

1.    Stained Wood:

Long gone are the days where sleek white cabinets used to be all the rage. Nowadays, woods and their natural textures are all in but if you want your kitchen to go with a theme, then adding a hint of color to the wood creates something which is truly unique. The texture shines through the light color and you get what you want to achieve. 

2.    Steel Cabinets:

Here, we are not talking about your typical steel cabinets; rather, we are talking about those cabinets which are made from hot rolled steel with a finish of clear coat. The best thing about these cabinets is that they need to be custom made and each end result is different from the other. As a result, you get your own designer-made limited edition kitchen with these beauties. 

3.    Cabinets From The 80’s:

If you are a fan of revisiting history, then these cabinetry styles are just for you. Cabinets with a mirrored back-splash, brass knobs and glossy surfaces are back in style and they make your kitchen look like something out of a classic 80’s novel.

4.    Cabinets That Light-Up:

Long gone are the days when kitchens only used to have enough light to brighten the cooking area.  Now, kitchens are all lit up with strips of tiny spotlights beneath the cabinets. Now, you can have a grand time cooking in the kitchen under the spotlights.